Best Mac Drive Upgrades

Max-Out Your Apple Computer Performance

Mac Drive Replacement

Your Apple computer's hard drive may be dying - mechanical spinning-platter drives do fail, eventually. Or you're just running out of room to store your video and music files on the factory-installed drive that originally came with your MacBook, Mac mini, iMac or Macintosh Pro. If tragedy strikes, or you simply need more storage space - It's an excellent opportunity to upgrade to a far faster, better performing storage option.

2.5" Fast Mac Laptop Drives Seagate Hybrid SSD + Platter 2nd GenFull-Size 3.5" Mac Hard Drives
Western Digital BLACK Series

7200 RPM + 16MB Cache
Momentus XT 750GB + 4GB SSD

2.5" 7200 RPM + 32MB Cache
Screaming Fast WD Velociraptor

10,000 RPM + 32MB Cache

These Macintosh hard disk drive upgrade recommendations one-up Apple's standard drive configurations: These have LARGE on-board cache, Higher Drive RPM's, and as we see with a Hybrid Drive - the best of both mechanical and a wee-bit of Solid-State drive technology rolled into one - at a suprisingly low price.

Mac Migration : Hard Drive Enclosures

For $20-30 an external disk drive enclosure, case or drive dock can help you quickly Clone, Copy or Transfer your Mac environment onto a new upgrade drive FIRST. You can then boot your Mac from it, make sure all's AOK - before you begin any dissassembly needed to swap drive mechanisms. For Apple Mac hard drive swap How-To's a quick Google search will help you locate illustrated step-by-step, or videos of properly accessing your Macs' old hard drive.
2.5" Combo FW-USB 2.0 Enclosure USB 3.0 Drive DockUSB-FireWire 3.5" Drive Case
Laptop SATA Drive Case

USB2 + FW 400 Interface
USB3 Instant Laptop Drive Dock

USB 2.0 Backward Compatible
MacAlly Combo 3.5" Case

FireWire - USB - eSata Enlosure

All the above are for SATA I and II hard disk drives. Only ancient and now obsolete Macs used the ATA-IDE interface, tho enclosures for those are still available. Many disk drive cases are now SuperSpeed USB 3.0 compatible. But until Apple supports USB3, these will work fine with older, legacy USB 2.0 and 1.1 port Macs.

Best SSD For Mac Drive Upgrades in 2012

If your Mac wasnt a BTO - Build-To-Order model or didn't come with one, you love a a Solid-State SSD drive upgrade! Perhaps the singularly best upgrade ever - nothing will transform the speed and performance like a SSD for MacBook or Desktop Macintosh. Standard equipment on a MacBook AIR, SSD's are a Build-To-Order option on most other Mac models. And you still have the option of a DIY SSD upgrade yourself, which on many recent Mac models is easier than ever.
Best Performing SSDBest Value SSD3.5" Sold-State Drive
OCZ's Fastest Ever

SATA III Vertex 3
3rd Generation Drive

Intel 320 Series
Full-Size SSD Drive

For iMac & Mac Pro

Solid-State Drives are platform neutral: Windows or Mac OSX - they don't care. Just optimally reformat the drive for Mac using Apple's Disk Utility and you're good to go. For all recent Intel Macs, that means a GUID Partition Table, Mac OS X Extended Format, Journaling Enabled. The fastest SSD's in 2012 are now sporting 6Gbps SATA III interfaces - but are backwards compatible with the earlier SATA I - and SATA II speed interface Apple is still using in current Macs.