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Apple has historically made rather closed computer systems. Moreso as the years go by. So in this modern era, the ability to add more memory, replace a HDD or SSD drive is becoming more problematic as Apple shrinks the physical size of it's computers and logic boards - and starts soldering memory modules and solid-state storage in place. Particularly with recent MacBook's, there's simply nothing that can be internally upgraded, period.

As such you're left to external Mac peripherals using the USB or Thunderbolt ports to take your Apple computing experience to new levels.

Don't Forget - Your Mac Memory

You don't have to be a computer geek to know: Size Matters. And when it comes to elbow-room for your Mac's CPU to exercise it's brains with - more memory (aka RAM) is better. Alot of Apple users don't fully grok the difference between thier Chip Memory and thier Hard Drive storage. The simplest analogy is Chips are space for the computer's Brain, your Mac's hard drive is the Filing Cabinet to permanently store most everything else.
DDR3 Memory - Recent Macs DDR2 Memory - Older MacsMacintosh Pro Memory DIMMS
* Small DDR3 SO-Dimms

Mac mini - iMac - MacBook
* Small DDR2 SO-Dimms

2007-2009 Era Macs
* Mac Pro Towers

CL-5 Error Correcting

* - These are just examples of Apple memory TYPES. It's CRITICAL you RESEARCH the EXACT size, pins, modules and speeds and voltages of Mac memory upgrades to insure proper operation. Apple System Profiler and your Mac's Usage Guide will help identify the correct RAM modules needed.

With OSX Leopard and Lion, we recommend 4GB minimum for smooth performance. Mac's which ship with only 2GB are typically sluggish when running more than 2 apps at a time.

Need For Speed - A Solid-State Mac SSD Drive

If your Mac didn't come with one, you want to upgrade to a flash memory hard drive - a Solid-State SSD - bad. Really Bad. Because nothing, nothing will transform the speed and performance like a SSD for MacBook or Desktop Macintosh. Standard equipment on a MacBook AIR, or Build-To-Order on other Mac models - SSD drives are your best hardware upgrade option. A DIY SSD upgrade is easier than ever on many of the more recent Mac models.
Peak Performance SSDBest Value SSD3.5" Sold-State Drive
OCZ's Fastest Ever

SATA III Interface
3rd Generation Drive

Intel 320 Series
Full-Size SSD Drive

For iMac & Mac Pro